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The world discovery tool


KML WORLD by TCS Adventure offers with "SITES OF THE WORLD" the exact GPS position of thousands of the most interesting places to explore in the World: castles, sanctuaries, archaeological sites, natural sites, caves, waterfalls, abandoned constructions, etc. An essential tool to not miss any single of the most interesting places on Earth, which will allow the user to enjoy the fabulous experience of discovering our wonderful planet.

"SITES OF THE WORLD" allows  to visualize all those thousands of POIS (Points of Interest) on the globe as Waypoints (WPT) with their names and geographical coordinates, with many of the top sites directly linked to Wikipedia web pages for easily getting quick access to additional information.

includes more than

28.000 POIs*
(28.000 Waypoints)!*

*Points of interest around the entire globe.

Sites are classified into different categories, which can be easily identified by a characteristic icon.

This is the structure of SITES of the WORLD and the icons that represent each one of the categories of the sites*:

* Structure shown with the continent AFRICA deployed only. AFRICA shown with the country Algeria deployed only.

* The shape and colors of the icons may vary depending on the file format and the application used to display the maps. It is recommended to use the KML files with "Google Earth Pro" to get the best virtual touring experience.

SITES OF THE WORLD also includes the location of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the most important racing circuits and golf circuits in the World!**

** These and other additional features are included in the folder SITES ALL OVER THE WORLD

If we upload the SITES OF THE WORLD - The Earth file to Google Earth, let's see what happens:

The thousands of points of interest that SITES OF THE WORLD invites you to explore, classified per continents with their corresponding countries and territories, appear throughout the whole globe, represented by icons of different shapes and colors and with the name of each place*. This allows you to quickly and conveniently visualize which interesting sites are located in each area, and thus not to miss any!

Easily fly directly to all the sites of your interest just by clicking on the corresponding pin, look at them from above and also watch all the pictures around to get the best idea of how wonderful our world is!

*Note: High-altitude views in GOOGLE Earth only show some of the marked places, not all.

We can expand any area of our interest in the map and watch what is in from above.

Zooming further, we reach the specific site of our interest and may watch the local images around the place for better information. In this example, we would be exploring the evocative Castle of Caracena in Spain:

What is interesting about this tool is that, thanks to SITES OF THE WORLD  we do not only discover a beautiful castle like Caracena's in Spain, but also, quickly and effortlessly we are able to identify the most interesting places close to that area and so explore it easily and comfortably.

You couldn't have this information so easy, convenient and quickly any other way. With
the most interesting sites of the World are identified and
clearly shown on the terrain!



You can't miss it!

The ultimate tool to discover the World
The world discovery tool
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